Welcome! Thank you for stopping in!

I hope you have found your way here because something in these images has inspired you to capture the emotions, connections and people that weave together to make your life unique and beautiful through photography. 

In the best photographs, we see all of the honest, loving and sometimes brutal parts of our lives come together so that we may remember and share with one another our stories. Each time I take a photograph, my hope is that I am using the beauty of light to illuminate the love that exists in all of us.   

I take a limited number of family and lifestyle sessions each year as I juggle this photographic journey with a career in human services, motherhood, and all of the other roles and responsibilities we assume as women. If you are interested in taking a photographic journey with me, please reach out through email or give me a call so we can talk about how best to capture what makes your people special and unique.. maybe over a cup of coffee or a glass of red! 

When I'm not taking photographs or being driven mildly insane by my own little girls, you can find me practicing yoga, traveling whenever I get the chance and seeing as much as I can of this great, big world.